Keyport Fishery family plans ambitious new restaurant [Keyport, NJ]

Keyport Fishery family plans ambitious new restaurant

Cool article. I hope everything works out for them.

Ye Olde Cottage Inn with a Tiki Bar. On three levels. I’m having a hard time getting my head around that one.

But they will have a liquor license so I predict this will be another wildly successful Monmouth restaurant.

Let’s just hope things don’t go to the dogs at the Fishery as a result.

Anything going on with the old Clam Hut site?

I’m guessing this place will have to charge a decent amount for a plate to stay in business…or serve ton a of booze and make it more of a bar.

As for the nut hut, I don’t think anything is going on and doubt anything will for a long time.

'Til the next storm wipes them out. Well, maybe not the third floor.

Your $ 8 microbrew pint, milord !

Pretty ambitious plans. Friends who live in Keyport shared that the Boro has entertained several ideas for that space since the hurricane; none that made it past resident input. Keyport Fishery is beloved by residents so I am not surprised their proposal got a chance.

Maybe the fresh fish section will expand once the prepared food is served across the street.

What do you think insurance is going to be per month alone on this joint?

posting here as I couldn’t find a separate thread. Had yet another great meal here on Fri. For 35 bucks got founder sandwich, shrimp platter, half pound of scallops and extra tartar which was more than enough to feed three. Keyport was packed since the weather was nice. Really great food as usual. Not too crowded, only waited like 15 min as a welcome change. The bars nearby looked to be doing a bang up business too. Pleasant evening to check out the.l view and enjoy the sea breeze for a few min post meal.


Last I read the boro was willing to defer property taxes to have that part of town and the industrial area on the opposite end redeveloped. Residents aren’t too happy but this offer is attracting civil engineers.

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This place is always jammed packed when we pass it on the way to Drew’s. Last month this couple had a little tailgating party in the parking lot out of their pickup truck. They had a little bistro set (table and 2 chairs) and were enjoying their fried fish :smile:


went again last night- place closes at 7- at 630 the place was jam packed, like 35 people deep waiting for food. No way they closed on time. Got the usual order- shrimp platter and founder sandwich all for like 22 dollars- enough to feed three normal sized people. Just amazing amount of food and value for the $$. Plus I could drink the tartar sauce. I want to try the sub shop across the street but it’s nearly impossible to pass by and not gorge myself on freshly fried shrimp.


Any progress on Port 149 across the street, which was supposed to open this year?

Just noticed this Sorry for late reply. I haven’t seen much of anything in the way of action lately tbh.

The public meeting notices from 2018 on this build describe major EPD issues and costs.

Was there last night for another amazing meal. 3 people are gut busting amount of shrimp and flounder for under 30. I could eat anything dipped in the tartar.
It was dark when I got there but didn’t see anything new going up

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anyone been to the Fishery lately? I’m dying for some shrimp platters but have heard it’s a nightmare there lately…you have to get there then call- and people are trying hundreds of times to get through…

Just posting we went last night. Food was great as always. Value is simply unbeatable. Place was packed at 645. Usual f shrimp platter and flounder platter with extra tartar saice. 38 bucks enough to feed two adults and one kid