Key West, Florida

We’re just back from a lovely trip to Key West, and I’ve posted reviews of a number of good places to eat there without getting into a mosh pit – also two great places to stay that are at a safe but accessible distance from Duval Street (which is mostly okay until after dinner hours), They’re all on You can catch them all and last year’s reviews by searching “Key West”

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I read the Key West reviews on your blog. Everything sounds wonderful! If you are a mystery fan (and obviously someone with a big interest in food), you should check out Lucy Burdette’s Key West food critic mysteries. I’ve never been to Key West, but, thanks to Lucy’s books, I feel like I have. She lives there and writes about all the places you mentioned. She includes some recipes too.

Thanks! I’m a mystery fan and it’s especially fun to read location-specific books. I had several voting rights cases involving Navajo and Pueblo voters in nM and AZ, and loved the Tony Hillerman novels. ( Actually I prefer the Golden Age mysteries, but I doesn’t get invited to country houses … ever).

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Have you read Anne Hillerman’s continuations of her father’s books? I like them even better!

I’ve read several of her books, but don’t like them quite as much. They tend to tilt a bit more to personal relationships rather than the culture and the crime. But then, I’m a guy.

That’s probably why I like them better since I’m not a guy! Not sure which Golden Age mystery series to recommend. The ones I like (Her Royal Spyness, etc.) are pretty girly.