[Key West, Florida] Seven Fish

Located in a quiet otherwise residential area of town, Seven Fish was packed when we got there for our 8.30 reservation and was still packed when we left. Who knows if the customers were locals or tourists like ourselves who had also done a bit on internet research? It’s certainly not the sort of place you’re likely to just stumble across.

As suggested by the name (and, in fact, by most of the restaurants in town) there is much menu play with seafood. But, frankly, after around ten days travel in South Florida, we were getting seriously bored with seafood dinners.

So, wild mushroom quesadilla was one starter. A good filling between two good tortillas, which could have been a little crisper but this was otherwise excellent. The other starter, one of the day’s specials, was grouper and avocado sushi. I claim no expertise whatsoever with sushi so can only say that I liked this. And isn’t that enough? A good balance between the rice, avocado and fish – all muted flavours as such but perked up by a soy dip and a blisteringly hot dab of wasabi.

We both went with the same main course – a well flavoured meatloaf sat on mashed spuds and accompanied by broccoli and carrot. And a first for us on this trip – the kitchen can properly cook of these veg to the tender/crisp stage, rather than the near raw we’ve come across too often in recent days. This was really good and after so many days of “restaurant food”, it was good to eat something with a homey feel to it.

Definitely recommended. If I was a local, I’d be a regular.


So glad to hear (erm, read) that you made it to 7Fish too! I really enjoy that place.