Key Lime Pie (a really good one!) in Westchester, Putnam or Fairfield?

The fam and I stopped at Galloway’s in Scarsdale and picked up some yummy cookies and a banana cream tart. Their key lime tart, however…I couldn’t take more than one bite. Tasted artificial with a pasty texture and had an unpleasant aftertaste. So disappointed since key lime pie is my absolute favorite. Theirs wasn’t worth the calories, sadly. I know all about Steve’s Authentic in Brooklyn, but until I make my bucket list trek down there, are there any places in the counties above that make a terrific key lime pie?

Lauren, check out the key lime pie made at Nutmeg Café & Bakery in Tuckahoe. I have been indulging on their fresh made products. They have a website…

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Galloway’s is an odd place. Some of their stuff is so good, like the chocolate chunk cookies. But I too have been wildly disappointed there-- specifically by their Boston cream pie, which like you said, tastes artificial and chemical-ly. The custard filling tastes like boxed Jello vanilla pudding. It once was good so I don’t know what changed but I will never buy anything other than cookies and dinner rolls from them again.

I have not had it in a while but City Limits does a key lime pie or tart that I remember being very good. I also am trying to remember if Baked by Susan in Croton has them. If they do I’d say that’s worth trying as well based on their other offerings but I haven’t tried myself so I can’t vouch for it.

Curious to hear others chime in!

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Another thought about Galloways, my father (and myself) always liked the jelly donuts - especially the little ones - they have to be eaten fresh (a couple of hours) and a good excuse to wolf them down. Otherwise not a fan of Galloways at all. As far as key lime, I forget who had a good one but I think (if I remember correctly) that the frozen one from Trader Joes was pretty good - certainly worth trying at least.

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Key lime pie is so easy to make I don’t understand why you would have to buy it.

The crust is Graham crackers, sugar and butter.

The filling is Nellie & Joe’s key lime juice in a bottle and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk and some egg yolks.

Whipped cream is optional.

It literally takes 15 minutes to make one.

And all the ingredients are available at Walmart.

Btw, key limes are yellow and not green like Persian limes.

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Thanks for the pics - I needed a reminder of what Key limes looked like and I’ll look for the juice. I love making homemade key lime pie, but I like to have bakery/store options too, as I love it so much! (And being a working mom of three is kind of a timesuck!) :smile:

Surprisingly I found that the Trader Joe’s frozen Key Lime Pie is quite good. They only have it in the summer months. It hits the spot in a pinch!

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This thread prompted me to pick up another Key Lime Pie at the Nutmeg booth at the Bronxville Farmers Market. We enjoyed our first bites chilled last night. Nice surprise for my SO…

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I’ve had the TJ’s. It’s ok, but really thin. More like key lime tart. Must say, homemade is so much better.

Btw, if you are into pie, I can recommend this place:

Freaking awesome!!! But not cheep.

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On that topic, have you had the frozen chocolate ganache cake? Really good.

I have noticed, however, that all of TJ’s desserts are on the thin side.

Maybe so they thaw quicker?

Sad to report,but while it was around for a very long time the frozen chocolate ganache cake seems to have disappeared several months ago. It was always a good cake to have on hand.BRING IT BACK !!

They had it at my local two weeks ago, so perhaps check again.

Guess I should ask,but I have 3 tj’s near me and none of them had it recently - Larchmont,mamk. and central ave

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Saw it in Eastchester 2weeks ago. The Hartsdale store seems to carry many more products than Eastchester, you could check there if Eastchester is a no go. Not sure about Larchmont.

Just asked and was told the frozen one has been discontinued. There were several relatively new frozen choco desserts, which is why I figured it was gone in the first place.

Thx for the info

They still have in the store on NJ 35 in Shrewsbury, I saw them on Wednesday.

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Never been to the Bronxville Farmer’s Market – must get down there as a good key lime pie is a good motivator! (My favorite motivator, actually!) :wink:

Nutmeg has a café on Main Street in Tuckahoe as well…

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