[Key Largo, Florida] Mrs Mac's Kitchen

Lunch at the diner. Great little place – counter or tables. Walls decorated with car number plates. Popular with bikers.

Nothing fancy on the menu. For example, a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, tomato and agreen salad. They have quite a lot of items just billed generically as “fish”. It depends on what’s fresh that day. So, today, all fish items are dolphin (mahi, not Flipper. Mine comes as a dolphin Reuben – sauerkraut, cheese (tasteless and pointless), 1000 Island dressing and cottage fries (or scallops as I’d call them).

We had our first key lime pie, which they make on the premises daily. It’s very rich, very sweet and hardly citrussy at all. A bit of a disappointment, truth be told.

It was a decent enough lunch and well worth stopping if in the area.

That’s too bad. A really good key lime pie can be ethereal - tart with just hints of sweetness, creamy without being heavy. It’s one of my favorites, when done right.