Kettle'e, Santa Clara, from the Kabab and Curry's people

Saw the new restaurant banner on the door of Kabab and Curry’s. Its a new restaurant they are opening up in the auto glass shop space across the street on El Camino- Kettle’e. Tentative date is end of Feb. Originally they were targeting end of January.

It will be focusing on chai, bakery dessert, breads and street food. The server at K&C said takeout from K&C will be picked up at the new place instead though I don’t know how to reconcile this statement with their focus on a completely different line of food.

Finally open. Chai and baked goods. Menu pic from Yelp:

Kashmiri Kahwa?! Now that’s a tea from a far enough place for the tea connoisseurs/ teahounds out there.

Paying a visit to the dentist, so I dropped by the nearby Kettle’e.

Alas, the kashmiri kahwa is not the pink real deal so I didn’t get it. Its a green tea at Kettle’e. But the food- Delhi snacks- were pretty good. Owners, whom I always thought were from Pakistan, were actually Delhi Muslims.

I had the aloo paratha with yogurt (top and right). The yogurt was like an elevated version of Yakult- tart, sweet and savory at the same time.

The masala scrambled egg dish tasted like the Indian version of the breakfast classic, with a slight hint of spices from the subcontinent.

Would love to hear what other items are liked.

Loads of pastries:

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