[Kep, Cambodia] Mr. Mab at Phsar Kdam, the crab market

We planned a day trip at Kep from our base in Kampot. We arrived at Kep in the late morning with a motorbike.

The main restaurant of Mr. Mab was situated at a resort hotel in Kep, I was glad to find they still had a pop-up restaurant at the market. It was a few years that Mab has relocated his business from Phnom Penh to Kep.

Some fishermen were still out looking for crabs.

Deep fried crabmeat spring rolls

Fried Kep blue crab with Kampot green pepper

Stir fried squid with tamarind

Steam fish with lime

Grilled prawns with chili

$31.50 USD for the 5 dishes and 2 cans of beer. Well cooked delicious meal with fresh ingredients, recommended if you visited Kep.

Mr. Mab Pshar Kdam
Kep Crab Market, Cambodia


A few pictures of the crab market…

The signature Kep blue crab

A comment, if I would revisit the seaside area in Cambodia, I would probably choose Kep as base, although it is more vast, but food is superior to the boring tourist targeted restaurants in Kampot (mostly disappointing).


Have never been to Cambodia and your photos are sparking my interest. And that statue of the giant blue crab. :grinning: Thank you for sharing!

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I did it the other way around. Stayed in Kep, went to Kampot to hike to the old casino. Back in 2004 Kep was empty of tourists and anything, really. It was eerie right about after sunset. No electricity, just pitch black everywhere. My lodging was being renovated and there were armed guards and searchlight on duty throughout the night. It was unnerving I couldn’t sleep at all.

But yes, I would go back to Kep. It seems better now. Too bad I avoid S.E. Asia like a plaque since.

Don’t know if it’s getting better or worst. As for Bokor hill, they are going to “rebuild” the old casino. Construction work started already. At the foot of the hill, a big casino is constructed already with lots of hotels with buses of Chinese tourists arriving everyday.

We went twice to Bokor, first time, we started our trip in early afternoon, but halfway through, the mist was too thick, and also temperature dropping real fast, we were soaking. I find the buildings with the dense mist really fascinating. The second time, we went in the morning and could finally see the famous casino.

You are welcome! The blue crab is like a symbol of Kep. This statue is not exactly at the same place at the level of the the market, but more near the beach.

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It’s always about the money. The more we buy Chinese rubbish the more we shall see them everywhere. If you have experienced hordes of Chinese in your travels you will go out of your way to avoid them. Brutally coarse and deeply unpleasant. Some other nationalities as well, too be fair.

Glad I went when I went. Never going to return.

Will head here next week, thanks to your rec on the other thread. Will likely spend the night since I am coming down from PP.

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Great thread, top to bottom. Wonderful photos. Very evocative.

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