Kensington Market report [Toronto]

I’ve enjoyed their chiffon cakes.

The Basque cheesecake slice was small today. The strawberry shortcake was a regular-sized slice.

I haven’t tried their croissants. ( I don’t eat any croissants- I buy almond croissants for my relatives)

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I had the basque cake which is serviceable. Strawberry shortcake was quite bad.


I guess our mileages vary :slight_smile:

Let me know if you find a Strawberry Shortcake or Fraisier you like a lot.

I had a nice strawberry cream cake slice at Bonne Nouvelle patisserie on College St last year.

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Haven’t tried Fresco’s, though thought about it watching people go in and out while we dined at Grey Gardens last summer. Also haven’t tried Little Pebbles. Latin Taste was on our to-try list, but we got full. Takoyaki Six was also a consideration.

Noticed that the Suya Spot has opened a location on Baldwin - we liked their food from the Scarborough location. Pow Wow Cafe is closed until mid-fall as they are out on the road. Also haven’t tried Dirty Bird and Rasta Pasta.

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I had some of the strawberry shortcake this morning, and it wasn’t as good as chiffon cakes I purchased in 2018 and 2019. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but it wasn’t worth a detour. The sponge was a heavier denser sponge- which is more similar to some American shortcakes, which can be dense.

Maybe Neo is the better place for Japanese bakery- coffee shops with strawberry cream cakes right now.

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Went back for another Saturday morning exploration:

Started again at Fika:

  • another cardamom latte and tried the Swedish Sunrise, basically a cardamom-dough bun with a vanilla custard - very nice, very cardamomy.

Next on to Patty King:

  • callaloo patty (taro greens) - light traditional pastry, lovely stewed greens, good kick.

Then took out a chicken tamale from Latin Taste (no pic), a Peruvian place. It was moist and richly flavourful. A really good tamale.

Then sat on the patio of the Film Cafe:

  • Tokyo omelette - comes in 8 pieces (mushroom, sun dried tomato, onion) with two red bean onigiri and a miso soup. The omelet was underflavoured. Also tried the smoked marshmallow mocha latte - OK but not actually smoky and too sweet.

Then we entered the Latin American food court at 214 Augusta:

  • Pico de Gallo - suadero taco (no pic) - wonderful moist and flavourful beef with lime and raw onion.

  • Ko’ox Hana - cochinita pibil taco - very nice pork, with avocado and pickled onion, not quite as flavourful as the beef though.

  • La Chilaca - yellow pepper stuffed with cheese and slathered in pork - amazing! Slightly hot pepper, lovely packet of cheese, incredible moist pork.

  • Birria Catrina - had the birria bowl: tasty stewed beef with broth, cilantro, onion, lime, and a feisty hot sauce. It came with some nice corn tortillas.

Lastly we took out from Rasta Pasta:

  • took home a jerk chicken lasagna and heated it up the next day - very good standard lasagna with also very good jerk chicken nestled inside. The aroma was particularly interesting, part red sauce and part jerk spices.

Still have other places to try…

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Stopped by Kensington yesterday, for a cardamom latte & Sunshine bun at Fika, and groceries from Sanagan’s, including this Scotch Egg.

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Stopped by Kensington Market today for an iced cardamom latte and Kannelbullar (for later) from Fika, Lev & Parallel’s chocolate sesame babka.
(Available at Sanagan’s)

, and a choripan at Segovia.

Segovia’s choripan ($8 plus tax- cash or debit) was delicious. It looked like this, with more tomatoes on top. I ordered mine medium-spicy.


Glad you liked the choripan. We loved it also.

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Today’s visit.
Patty from Crumbs.

Way too busy at Jimmys Coffee to get my iced JVO (iced coffee with caramel) . Patio isn’t open yet.

Pera Cafe, a new little Turkish café at 62 Nassau has an enclosed patio that I will try some day. I will try the Turkish breakfast ($21).

Sanagan’s. My Farm Boy stopped selling the boneless lamb sirloin I liked, so I’m now buying my lamb at Sanagans. I also bought some terrines. CO2 was good despite being busy.

This Doner place took over the space where Our Spot was located.

Line-ups at Blackbird and Little Pebbles (amateurs! :joy:)


If you feel like a career change, you should do food tours of Toronto. Always enjoy reading your posts.


Awww, thanks!! Always happy to meet people and show them around my favourite places if they’re visiting Toronto on a weekend! I’ve met up with quite a few former Chowhounds and current Hungry Onion posters for food crawls and meals over the years. A couple even get vegetables from my garden :joy:


Breakfast bun and coffee at Fika today . Semla to go! B

The back patio is open.


Lamb shoulder and an Easter terrine from Sanagan’s.

Iced coffee from Café Pamenar, which has a nice back patio and doesn’t let people set laptops up to loiter. I may try their kuku sabzi sandwich some time.

Turkish breakfast plate to go from Pera Café.

The simit (Turkish bagel) was stale today , cheese pie was underbaked, but the rest was very good.

Nice nuts at Café Pera


Sanagan’s is selling white and black pudding, in case anyone wants to make a Full English at home

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Stopped by Fika

And Sanagans today

Kannelbullar for brunch, Scotch Egg for a late lunch.


Parallel has opened up shop in Kensington Market.


I picked up take-out chicken and rice soup

, as well as a couple tamales, from Pancho y Emilio tonight. Very nice.

Nice people running the restaurant.

I didn’t try the pork tamal yet.

The chicken tamal was tasty.

This is a photo of the patio, around 9 pm on a Thursday night. The market is very quiet at 9 pm on a Thu. A couple people were on the Amadeus patio, and Pizzeria Via Mercanti had a fair number of customers. Grey Gardens was busy inside.

Parallel Basta has opened on Augusta, near the Good Egg shop, closer to Dundas.


Sabich Hummus plate ($19) and butter bean salad ($4) from Parallel Basta at 152 Augusta Ave. Closer to Dundas. Accessible ramp and washroom on main floor.


Frank Ranalli’s hot Italian beef sandwich, with upgrade of provolone.
$18 before tax. $15 before tax without provolone. It’s operated at a counter inside a pizzeria on Baldwin.