Ken's Artisan Pizza Portland

After a lovely picnic lunch with OP salami (excellent), fresh local berries, baked goods from Ken’s Artisan Bakery, tillamook cheddar, and local wines, we went to Ken’s for pizza for dinner. We were a little apprehensive about the lines, but we sat right away inside.
Had a caesar salad to start and was immediately happy with the housemade croutons and real parmigiano reggiano. I scraped the plate getting those last morsels of that cheese. The pizza was as good as the one we just had last week at Don Antonio in NYC. For me once you get into that rarefied league, distinctions fade, so let’s just call it really good from the char on the crust to the sauce to the fresh cheese.
Walked a few blocks to Fifty Licks ice cream to finish off the night. More good eats in Portland.

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We did same as you when we went to Ken’s, sounds like. Lined up for a few minutes right at opening to get a spot in the first seating, so to speak. My only gripe was that I found the tomato sauce too sweet. Still a contender in the top pizza in Portland, I’d say, with many places in your rarefied league.