Kennett Square recs? [Philadelphia]

I’m going to be in Kennett Square for Thanksgiving, and am looking for recommendations for a casual, child-friendly place in town or nearby for a family dinner the night before. Would prefer a non-chain spot, and most cuisines are OK as long as there’s something for a semi-picky 4-year-old to eat. Thanks!

La Verona is a fine choice. There are two dining rooms, one with a bar and one without (this is where families tend to sit). The food is pretty straight-up old-school Italian, nothing super imaginative, but it is well prepared and there is a nice atmosphere.

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I have a few reviews I have done for Kennett Square.

For a casual, child-friendly place, I would have to recommend Plaza Azteca (which is a very small chain). Decent food, huge portions, good prices. They have a kid’s menu.

Lily Asian Cuisine is also pretty casual and is a BYOB. Not sure if they have a kid’s menu.

There’s also a semi new market on State Street which has a variety of vendors including pizza, American, tacos, a winery kiosk, etc. Not really for a dinner, but definitely a great place to grab lunch!

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