Kennebunkport, Maine trip coming up...

What’s new in the culinary realm in and around Kennebunkport? We will have a car and can travel. Food and dining suggestions wanted, any price range ok. We do plan to visit Portland, too, and make our annual pilgrimage to Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. Thanks…

Well if you’re heading up to Wiscasset you’ll be traveling through Brunswick . . . depending on your schedule I highly recommend Tao Yuan. She also has a dumpling place in Portland, but the place in Brunswick was her original. She does great food.

Sorry just don’t know enough about the Kennebunkport scene to help there.

Thanks, heard about Tao Yuan as well. We did try her place in Portland and we liked it a lot…

If you have the $$$ Ocean at the Cape Arundel is delicious - ZOMG the oysters…

Also in Brunswick is Libby’s Market - they have an incredible lobster roll. We spent a long weekend in Portland and the surrounding area last summer and I was able to try lobster rolls at a number of great places, including Redd’s Eats - but Libby’s was my favorite!

So jealous!

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We went last year for our anniversary. It was great - and the view. They put us at a table right at the window.

Have you been to Central Provisions? We went last year for lunch and it was really good. I had a chopped salad and, I kid you not, it was one of the best things I’ve eaten. Talked about it for days. It was simple chopped Iceberg - yup. And the veges were all julienned and pickled. And candied bacon. And house made ranch dressing - it was great!!! Husband had tuna crudo then bone marrrow. We were going to go back this year but had to cancel the trip.

So many choices in Portland. Yes, we tried Central Provisions a couple of years ago, and it was a mixed experience. Now, I don’t want to take away from anyone’s fun. People love to talk about this place. After a brief wait, all was fine with our little meal, except for their ‘highly praised’ tuna crudo. It was inedible and chewy and should not have been served. They did take it back and replaced it with another dish. I would be open to try it again depending on the wait time…

You know I’ve heard that before about the crudo - maybe it was you? Too bad. Our experience was terrific from start to finish. Service was great too. Maybe we hit it on a good day!

Heard about a new restaurant in Portland opened by the same folk that own Fore Street. It is called Scales. Any news about it?

Did you get to Maine? Would love to,hear about it. I just booked next year and I can’t wait.

Yes, we visited Kennebunkport in late May and it was wonderful. We plan to go back in late August. Just can’t seem to get enough of it. And, of course, the food scene is always a lure. I will post about our latest foray…

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I’m so sorry we missed it this year. We had a couple of new places to,check out in Ogunquit too.

We’re heading back for a week to cap the summer. Was there in May and it was great. What’s cooking in the area right now?
Also planning to cross the bridge into Portsmouth, New Hampshire from Kittery this time. What’s good there?

Moxy in Portsmouth has become a new favorite of ours; “modern American tapas”, seasonally influenced menu. Various DCs have enjoyed their bar offerings, I’m a fan of their creative house-made sodas (such as lime-thyme-pepper).

In Kittery itself there’s Anju Noodle Bar. The pork belly buns and okonomiyaki are staples for us, plus whatever else on the menu looks tasty (so far it always has been). Good house-made hot sauce too.

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Will be heading back to Kennebunkport for our first fall trip to Maine. Will have a car. What are some must stops this season? Thanks!

Did you ever post about your last trip? I need to live vicariously this year .

I like that, Gwenn. No I have not, yet. I will share some of my recent Maine experiences shortly…and looking forward to my first fall trip there.

Earth at hidden pond is beautiful! It’s fairly hidden but close to the center of kpt (do need a car though).
The food and drink is spectacular! The setting is the same.