[Kelsall, Cheshire] Morris Dancer

We have eaten here before, although not for some time. Whilst we’ve been in the area since, it’s just not been at the right time. Today we planned to visit the nearby plant nursery AND have lunch.

Just main courses. A decent tasting burger for me. Came in a bun which fell apart as soon as I looked at it, which meant cutlery was needed. Tomato spiced mayo on the bottom half, topped with lettuce, tomato and red onion. Then the patty, topped with crisp pancetta, Monterey Jack cheese (an unusual choice when they are using the excellent Black Bomber cheddar elsewhere on the menu) and pickle. It comes with proper chip sized chips, not fries.

And, in fact, the Black Bomber appeared very successfully in a cheese, balsamic onion and leek quiche, from the “light bites” section of the menu. That came with a little potato salad, using crème fraiche, and a small handful of mixed salad.

Nice lunch.


The pub is one of those decorated to look sort of “olde worlde” - disparate tables & chairs, old prints and photos on the walls and the like. And shelves filled with old books. Not expensive books, of course - they are there to be decorative, not to be read. So, we’re sat there next to some of these shelves. Mrs H spots one of interest and picks it up. We ask can we buy it. Server goes away to ask the boss. Boss says we can just take it. Which is how we are now the proud owners of an early 1950s edition of “Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book”, first published, Google suggests, in 1900 (so many years after Mrs Beeton’s death in 1865 and , presumably, something written up by someone acting on behalf of her estate). This isnt her famous “Household Management” book.