Keen's Chophouse (NY, Manhattan) - best table?

It’s been a full decade since I’ve been to Keen’s and I’m eager to return. I’ll be back in town in a couple of weeks and I would like to make reservations for a party of 5 including my wife, parents and siblings. Can anyone tell me whether there is a preferred dining room or section, accounting primarily for ambiance but also factoring noise, comfort, etc? It’s such a short trip that this is the only restaurant I’m really prioritizing and would like to request the perfect table, if such a thing exists. Thanks for your feedback!

We were there this weekend and it was my first time. It was great. As to where to sit - I don’t know. We sat upstairs in a corner which was very nice. Noise level was not bad at all. I can’t remember the name of the room…

We’ve been to Keens numerous times. All the dining rooms have that Old World character and charm. We always sit in the downstairs main dining room. I abhor and avoid restaurants with insanely high noise levels that make normal conversation impossible. While the noise level in Keens’s main dining room depends on exactly when you dine, I’ve found that even at full occupancy, conversing has not been a problem. Since we’ve never dined in the upstairs rooms, I can’t say anything about their noise levels.

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Thank you both - sounds like we can’t go wrong!

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