Kauai fish, Hawaii

6 trips to kauai later… And I finally discover that the best/cheapest fish to buy to cook at the condo is at Costco. Selection varies and they stock their share of farm raised salmon from the east coast, but they do have some Hawaii caught fish at $15 a pound or so that is ultra fresh and beats the prices at Dolphin fish market and Koloa Fish market. This week we found ono and opah.

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Kilauea gets, too.

The Costcos at the islands are the cheapest for the locals and tourists…

Kauai has the most Aloha and even tho’ we will hang either at the Grand Hyatt or the villas at Poipu beach, a Costco run is always mandatory.

Fill up on gas and a snackie poo at the food court.
Always get their Opah/ Ahi or Opakapaka to grill up.
Longs has some great beer/ specials…

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
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