Katong Singapore. 4 nights in September 2023

We had four nights in Singapore in Sept., en route to Hong Kong. We had visited and liked the Katong area on our 2022 visit, so we booked a Katong hotel to better explore the district.

We revisited a few restaurants, and sampled a few more (not enough). Zam Zam was on the top of our revisit list. We wanted to try ZZ’s neighbor Victory also, but not enough time on this brief stop.

We sat at an outdoor table our first visit. Came early and scored an air-conditoned upstairs table this time. The servers were very accomodating to us Indian food noobs. We ordered Mutton Murtabak and Mutton Biriyani.

Started with some fresh crunchy Pappadam with a couple of complementary dips. A cold Kopi Ice and Zam Zam water much appreciated after our walk over in the mid-90’f temps.

We both wanted to repeat what we had ordered on our first Zam Zam visit. It was that good. Mutton Murtabak was my wife’s favorite.

The Mutton Biriyani was my favorite. The dish looked lovely, but unassuming. Until you hit the Savory Spicy Mutton beneath the surface. The entire meal was a delightful flavor Bomb!!

Gentleman making fresh Paratha, must be so good with some Curry!!!


Our first morning of eating and exploring Katong.

First bite of the morning, Laksa!! 328 Katong Laksa is arguably the most famous laksa joint in Singapore, and a quick 5 minute walk from our hotel.

I am not particuliarly fond of coconut milk, but this laksa sings to me. A glob of sambal adds a nice spiciness, the Cockles, Prawns and Fishcake tasted very fresh. Dried Shrimp contributed an extra layer of umami. We shared one bowl only, too much other goodies beckoned.

We wandered around the 'hood, oohing and ahhing at all the food options. Food courts and stalls

Next, Kaya Toast. Walked by Lau Lim Kaya Toast and walked right in.

DW is not a breakfast food person. Opted for the Signature Noodle, dry with Fish Balls, Prawns and Pork. Delicious, but Kaya Toast with SOFT boiled egg was my jam. Kopi was addictive!

Walked around and gawked some more. Had some refreshing coconut juice from a HUGE coconut, love it.

Too full for lunch, but always room for a Custard Souffle and a spot of tea from Hoshino.

Walked back to our hotel to sit out the afternoon heat, and get pyched for dinner.