Katayif for Ramadan: Sultan Bakery in San Jose

Sultan Bakery in San Jose has Katayif available every day, during Ramadan only. It’s a very addictive greasy stuffed pancake. Tastes like they added rosewater to the batter. It’s excellent, and worth a trip. They make them in the morning, then keep them in the refrigerator case: I recommend heating them up in a convection oven for a few minutes.

You can get cheese filled, walnut filled, or hollow. The hollow option is for those who want to add their own home-made filling. For the filled ones, it’s $12/pound, which is about 7 Katayif. They had plenty on hand at 2 PM, but there is a possibility they could run out later in the day.


Thanks for the tip. Do you like any of their regular items? Look like they do wholesale.

They also sell a selection of cakes, cookies, and croissants. I also tried the za’atar croissant: I think it’s too greasy, and it has that “synthetic processed texture.” I recommend the za’atar pita.

There are a bunch of alternative spellings for the Ramadan pancake: Katayef, Qatayef, Atayef, Kataif. It’s not to be confused with Kadayifi / Kanafeh / Kunefe.

Thanks. Do they have multiple pita types?

Looks so yum