Kasra Persian Grill [Houston, Texas]

I wrote about Kasra over on Chowhound years ago.

It’s one of my favorite places and for sure my favorite Persian restaurant in town.

My favorite thing there is also one of the simplest. At Kasra, they call it the Kubideh Combo. One skewer each of ground beef and ground chicken, served with the typical Persian Pile-o-Rice and Scorched Skin Tomatoes. Other things I like are the lamb shanks, (melt in your mouth, man!), Jujeh Kabobs, Chenjei and supposedly the best hummus on town.

As for the “Persian Pile-o-Rice and Scorched Skin Tomatoes”, I think Persian joints treat them like fried rice and an eggroll at Americanized Chinese restaurants - just what they do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object at all, but I sometimes (often!), pay the upcharge for a skewer of grilled veggies, (onions, bell peppers and squash), in lieu of the tomatoes. No getting around the rice though. In fact, to be truthful we rarely eat lunch there anymore due to my usual lunchmate’s diabetic concerns with the rice.

But I intend to head over there today for personal reasons. I just thought you should know. :wink:

بهترین آرزوها دوست من

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I may or may not have just reported that post, while trying to hit the little knife and fork! Sorry!

Snitches get stitches! :grin:

Continuing our discussion of Persian eateries :astonished::wink:

Have any of you HOs on the west side been to Avesta???, on Wilcrest just off Westheimer. Gets good reviews online. I’ve thought about it when I go out to TJ’s or Phoenicia and was just wondering if there are any recs???

Avesta Persian Grill

Press Review/Mai Pham

That combo platter pictured in the Press review looks pretty good.