Karl’s Sausage Kitchen [Peabody, MA]

We wanted to stock the freezer with some excellent sausages and hadn’t been back to Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in who knows when. Their website promised online ordering with curbside pick up. So we gave it a try and are very glad we did.

We did encounter minor bumps—all easily forgiven when a traditional small business offers high quality and reasonable prices.

Ordering from the order platform they‘re on, Revel, was wonky on the iPad I was using. The experience proved much smoother on my husband’s recent model iPhone.

Though I didn’t find it particularly easy to find the items I wanted on the site, find them I did. I even found a ginger loaf cake from the Netherlands that my neighbor loves and has only been able to have shipped to her before now.

We got a call from Karl’s as our order was being picked. The Andouille listed as in stock wasn’t, but Debrecener was freshly made and might we want that instead? Happily the Debrecener was a sausage I’d wanted to order in the first place.

When we got to Karl’s we called inside and paid via credit card. Two friendly, properly masked staffers emerged from the building with our order.

Now our freezer is well-fed and we will be too.:grinning: We expect to use the online + curbside option to restock at Karl’s from time to time. Great to be able to support a small business that offers such deliciousness.


I am salivating. What a great stock-up trip!