Karen Cafe - We need one in the USA

Sheer genius


It reminds me of that hot dog place in Chicago with the counter staff that insults you. Pass.

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Very cute. Is it in the same spirit as these restaurants?

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No we don’t. I’ve never understood the appeal of real or fake rude servers. There was a famous cranky waiter named Edsel Ford Fung at San Francisco’s Sam Wo Restaurant. Many people found him hilarious - I just thought he was a jerk! Sorry, Edsel - RIP.


Both can be true at the same time. It is not mutually exclusive.

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I’m not a big fan, either. Something for everyone out there. I go for the laid back, kindly mannered servers. That way I feel good when I tip them, IN CASH. :slight_smile:

Had a friend in college who just loved that place in Chicago. I never got it. My favorite Chicago lunch takes about 3 minutes to finish. Dipped hot Italian beef. Get it and gorge, right there in the parking lot. Some of my favorite places offer only a parking lot view. The curb is my seat at the counter.


What’s your favorite Italian beef place? I’m visiting Chicago for the first time and was thinking of hitting Mr. Beef.

Hmm… I say I don’t tip under 20%, but for her I’d make an exception.

The second one with the guy seemed less offensive because everyone was punking him as much as he was them.

Who? The one in the video? She is just acting. I like to think of the Evil Queen from Disneyland.
The Evil Queen of Disneyland being herself for 4 minutes straight - YouTube

The strange thing to me is this came out late March 2022, but all the servers are masked whilst I thought Dan had already eased up on the mask mandates by then, once Vic hit their vaccine target?

Yeah, but each restaurants have their own policy. I have definitely been to restaurants that all staffs have masks on.

Ah, gotcha. So not necessarily from Victoria State gov, but just the restaurant itself.

Yeah. I think so. Here when I go to LA. Many restaurants still have their staffs fully masked. I think many of these staffs actually like it. This is more so at many Japanese restaurants.

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Interesting, thanks. I haven’t been to LA since 2019, mores the pity.

Around here (Southeastern US), I haven’t seen restaurant or grocery staff wearing masks in, not sure, I guess a year or more.

I’m in a fairly cosmo area with a good mix of folks from all backgrounds and the mask rate of shoppers in groceries tends to be about 5% (I’m in 2 groceries pretty much daily). It went up to about 20% during the initial Omicron surge, but quickly went back to baseline (within 2-3 weeks). I keep track without really trying just because I’m wired that way. The other thing I notice is how many of the few who wear them (mostly N95s now) are wearing them properly, in a way that would really protect themselves from virion inhalation and the answer is - virtually none.

I suppose there is this reason too.

Hmm… no link supplied so I’m not going to go digging for it, but I wonder if that study was just a “sign of the times”? I mean, if it was only conducted during mask mandate times, with no pre-pandemic baseline, would the data show different than if the question were asked in 2018, e.g.?

On the other hand, there are studies with significant amounts of men who say women with only eyes showing (as in some middle-Eastern garb) are more attractive.

Turn-about, fair play!

I do know many real life Karen feel unhappy that their real name is being used as a pejorative term. I actually understand that.


There are so many memes that were I named Karen, I’d go into hiding. I can’t imagine what that landscape is like right now.

After nearly two hundred years, Boston’s Durgin-Park closed a few years ago. It was known for sarcastic waitresses more than for the quality of the food in its last few decades. Here, the senior waitress reminisces, and explains the attitude.


You beat me to it. Lived in RI & then GF insisted we do a day trip to Boston (erg, 1981 :scream:) & hit up Durgin Park. It had the rep but one went to DP for its POT ROAST. :yum: Party of 6, waitress wasn’t especially obnoxious just really abrupt.