Kao Sarn in Eden Center - Report

I’ve been to Kao Sarn a couple of time now. It’s the only Thai place in Eden Center, located in an interior hallway near Hai Duong. Despite it’s advertising as “Thai Street Food” the menu is pretty much the same as any Thai place.

I’ve had two noodle soups here. The Kao Soi here is the thing to get, outstanding. It is offered as mild, medium or spicy. The spicy will burn your lips after a while, but it is not overwhelming. That’s the version I recommend. Everything about this is rich and complex.

The floating market noodle soup is very good, but will not compaare to the great version at Nava Thai in Wheaton. It scratches the itch if you need your fix. It is indeed made with blood, which is the only acceptable version.

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I though i read that Nava Thai closed or is closing shortly.

My favorite version in Wheaton is at Thai Taste.

I also like Baan Siam in DC.

I Thought Thai Gang Wan in Springfield had a good one too but I dont see it on their online menu. I think this spot is one of the underrated Thai restaurants in NoVa.

I believe Nava Thai announced thy would close but decided not to… but of course that could change.

When Baan Thai moved and became Baan Siam, they dropped my four favorite items on the menu, and I haven’t returned.

Thai Gang Waan in Springfield is probably the best NoVa has to offer, and it is a great address to know.

Our meal at Sura in Dupont Circle was excellent (report posted on Hungry Onion), though the menu has changed at least a little since they opened. They no longer offer their great spicy crudo shrimp, but they still have a salmon version.

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