Kansas City, not barbecue

Thanks! I’ll be coming back in from Topeka

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Independence is a no, evidenced by the “We buy catalytic converters” sign on the road going in. Visit the recently renovated and nice Presidential Museum and vamoose before dark.

There’s always Mugs Up on 23rd.
Mugs-Up Root Beer

700 East 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 254-7040


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Kitty’s Cafe

810 1/2 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64109



You can stop here if you take K-10 from Lawrence.

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Could be fun.



I’m not up on the latest but guaranteed to make your cocktail taste better.

It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be (again) in your neck of the woods (and it’s been 30 years since I have), but love the recs.

Well, this has turned into a great resource on Kansas City. I’m only here for about 36 hours, so I’ll miss one or two or 50 places. I do hope for another trip, and I’ll feel well-armed for just about anything.

One more museum.
I know these tend to the Roadfood, rather than the fine dining side of things, but KC is a Roadfood kinda town.

Bonus Mexican food

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I forgot to include Niecie’s.
Forgive me.

My friend Susan just went here but not open again till Wednesday :frowning:

We’re back from our all-too-brief trip – only 36 hours in Kansas City. Well, our first meal actually was at Porky butts in Omaha, with BBQ Tourist Ryan Cooper.

The wagyu brisket was the star, but. everything was good. the ribs and burnt ends (under the tongs) had a sweet glaze that I could do without. I’m anti-sugar on bbq. (I’ve posted a detailed review of Porky Butts, and will be posting the others individually on the blog in coming days for those who are interested in one or all).

In Topeka I stopped for an emergency pork sandwich from the Boxer BBQ food truck, – not bad at all

Then to KC and dinner at Jack Stack in the Plaza, just steps from out hotel. The bride had burnt ends stew – lots pf meat, lots of flavor

and I had a 3-meat plate – brisket, ribs, and burnt ends with an excellent potato salad and a sosuspy cheesy corn. This was better bbq, with only a little of the sugary sauce

The next morning, breakfast at Winstead’s was wonderful – outstanding service (thanks, Nicole), perfect eggs, and very good hash browns. Sausage was good

I also had one of their justifiably famous hamburgers with mustard, onion, and pickle. It was wonderful, and only 3.15, plus 39 cents for cheese

Then off to the WWI memorial. Don’t miss it
and lunch at Chef J in the West Bottoms, a Ryan Cooper recommendation. This was the real deal – great Central Texas barbecue cooked exclusively with wood. I ordered brisket with another really outstanding potato salad (is that a Kansas City specialty?) and some chipotle slaw.

The to the Truman Library

(There is no Decision Center)
and finally to Garozzo’s in the Columbus Park, an old Italian neighborhood. First, wonderful hot bread

a ricotta ravioli with a pesto sauce

Caesar salad wit

and a house salad 00 artichokes hearts, onion, feta, bacon …

then very good (and very generous eggplant park for Nancy

and for me, chicken vincenzo – a Paillard with an incredible sauce o mushrooms, garlic, cognac, and red pepper in a cream reduction. The was an incredibly fragrant and flavorful dish. The accompanying pasta was an excellent agin e olio. $25. amazing. It was a whole lot of food, but delicious, and a glass of limoncello was a nice finish.
Service was great, and the atmosphere was very old school and very much fun.
The highlights were Winstead’s, Chef J, and Garozzo’s. I can hardly imagine skipping them on a trip to KC.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll be going back, and definitely will hit more of them on that trip


Did you do just the 2 cue joints?
We always described JackStack as a place you’d feel comfortable taking your mom.
I wanna be a bbq tourist!

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That Winstead’s burger!

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