[Kampot, Cambodia] Rikitikitavi

Our last dinner in Kampot and Cambodia!

Banana blossom salad - with chicken, cucumber, mint and basil and peanuts

Sait Chrouk Changka - pork skewers marinated in lemongrass and grated coconut

Saraman - Beef curry made with peanuts , herbs and spices with rice and pita bread. A traditional Khmer dish reserved normally for special occasion

Grilled pork medallion - marinated with tamarind onion paste, grilled on lava stones

Food was okay, some dishes were interesting, e.g. Saraman, as we didn’t see in menu elsewhere, while other dishes could be just targeting at tourists (fries, hamburgers etc.)
3 beer and 4 dishes, the bill was $26.75 USD.

Riverside Road, Kampot, (next to the post office),
Krong Kampot, Cambodia