Kagawa-Ya Udon, SF Mid Market review w/ PICS

I finally go to try Kagawa-Ya Udon in Mid-Market past The Market building. You line up and tell one person what dish you want, they make it, you pick it up and then grab maybe some more food, and pay. Super easy and Fast!

I got #5 Creamy Kabocha w/ Chicken Udon $12. Sign says broth contains chicken & fish, Pumpkin squash broth, chicken, cream, green onions, nori & bonito flakes. It’s pretty tasty, chicken can be dry, but with the soup it made it fine, tasty udon noodles - bouncy and chewy, not sure I tasted the kabocha I guess it’s mushed up really well in there.

I also got a beef Onigiri $3 - I didn’t follow the directions on the plastic sleeve on how to open it so it was difficult and not how it was suppose to be, it fell apart and I just dumped it into my soup. Tasty enough.

They sell out quick on the Spam Musubi $3 - so get there early if you can.

They take credit cards, think I saw a bathroom need code - didn’t use it.

Help yourself to free ice water on the other side, and Rooster sauce, Katsu sauce, Tempura sauce on the side table too. Bus your table after you are done.

Kagawa-Ya Udon
1455 Market St Ste 3A, SF 94103
Hrs: M-F 11-2:30pm, 5:30-8:30pm


Thanks for the review. Kabocha broth? Does it mean its kinda sweet like kabocha itself?

I remember it had a slightly sweet taste to the soup. It was tasty. I do hope more people will try it and report back.

I do hope they add weekend service so I can go more often. Somehow I got a email after I paid so I got on their loyalty program, after 9 bowls you get the 10th one FREE! And another email said if I return before Dec 22 I will get 5% off my next visit!

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