Kaffir Lime Leaves in the Triangle

Anyone know where to find them? I don’t mind if they’re not fresh. Harris Teeter used to carry a bottled brand but no longer. I’m more concerned about convenience than anything else.

You can buy them on Amazon.

You can keep them in the freezer, so they last.

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I saw some within the last few months at a place I don’t go to much…Might have been the little (Vietnamese? Thai?) market on Capital in the Harbor Freight shopping center. Slight possibility there were frozen leaves at Fresh Market. Sorry my memory is spotty on the location. But they are out there!

I can stop by the place on Capital in a few days and will take a look.

the new market Little Burma in Carrboro would have them or would order them for you.

I’ve gotten them at Silver Wok in the past, but that guy is never open these days when I stop by, or if he is he seems to be in a rush. Worth calling and asking, though, if you’re going to be in the area. The ones I got were in the fridge section.

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