Kabobs, where are your favorites? - (NJ)

Ok we all know there are several ways to spell it so let’s drop that topic :slight_smile:

Who has some good recommendations?

Probably not the kind of kabob you’re looking for, but this place is a ton of fun. BYOB.

I like Afghan Kabob and Grill. It has so much more than Kabob. It has Philly Cheesecake and Buffalo wings… The place used to scare me because it offers those. Anyway, I came it a try and I liked it. It has one near Trenton and one in New Brunswick.

The price is very reasonable.

I didn’t know this was a thing. :wink:

Oh crap. Sorry. :slight_smile: I meant Philly Cheesesteak.

Technically you could have been talking about the Philadelphia Cheesecake Factory.

We should order kabobs from Cheesecake Factory.

Man, i need to move to edison. This place looks great.

I miss Gardenia grill. Does anyone know if George opened a new spot?