K Pot Korean BBQ East Brrunswick


Anybody been here yet ? opinions? Yelp review is mixed bag.

(Joon) #2

So assuming this place is like most of the other KBBQ+HotPot places, they will be very good overall but the KBBQ experience will be lacking compared to “specialist” places.

I’ve personally found that doing both BBQ+Hotpot is one of those “too much of a good thing” experiences, just too much shit going on in front of you to fully enjoy either. It’s like trying to masturbate and have sex at the same time.

Either way I’m super psyched for this place and will definitely be checking it out! Yay hot pot!!


Went here tuesday night. Decor is very pleasant with contempo vibe. Big screen TVs by the bar, place was maybe 60-70% capacity. Planned to order the AYCE BBQ but waitress said Hot Pot add on was only a few dollars more. Jumped on it. The ordering part for me was very confusing. everything is done on an Ipad which offers pictures but no descriptions. There is a very pleasant hostess who tries to explain the process but the noise level made it diffcult to hear. You order 4 items per person on Ipad and they bring it out. After they bring it out you can order again. With 6 people on the table with each one not knowing what the other was doing it. Chaos ensued. What items went into hotpot? what items went on grill? who ordered this? where is item I ordered? Food was at same level of other Korean BBQ AYCE that I’ve been too. I think if you try this, go with a small group and include someone who has been to similar IPad menu system. Overall they seem to be trying to be too many things at once.
Sportsbar, Hot Pot , AYCE…If you like all 3 of these things at once I guess give it a try.

(YcF) #4

This is definitely a place I will be trying sometime soon. It sounds promising. And this will also be one of the few Asian place with liquor license.
When to Japan over the winter and a few restaurant has IPad ordering system… so i think that’s a trend that will be here sooner or later.

The only one of this combo BBQ/Hot pot place I tried is Ocean Hot pot (i think that’s the name) in Piscataway. That place wasn’t all that good. It’s more like a buffet, you get your stuff for hot pot at the buffet area and the BBQ is more like the Mongolia BBQ wherer you pick the meat then they cook it up. You order the hot pot meat separately and they bring it to you.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #5

My father hated computers, and when the library switched to a computer catalog, he stopped going.

I don’t hate computers, but I hate computer menu ordering. I will tolerate it at a fast-food restaurant, but have no desire to go to a “full-service” restaurant and have to deal with it.


Best line EVER!

(YcF) #7

which one is hot pot and which one is BBQ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: