Just so sad

What would possess a young mom to do such a thing? I started reading expecting it to be a contest of some kind. But just doing that for the sake of doing that :astonished:

I understand the attraction of Jaffa Cakes. I can happily eat a whole packet in one session (although not in one mouthful).

I am not familiar with Jaffa Cakes. But if I really like something I prefer to eat one at a time and enjoy each bite. Even if at the end of the night I ate them all I would have enjoyed each bite; shoving them in my mouth as quickly as possible? Not so much.

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People probably do not think about the negative possibility. I mean. It is like people who want to push a moose. They just think it is funny, but didn’t think about all possible outcomes. Remember that guy who went out to his yard to try to scare off a bear?

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I agree Jaffa cakes are so good, in France they are mostly sold under the name Pim’s.

It’s a very soft biscuit, sponge cake like, on top with a slice of jelly, orange is the classic flavour and topped with chocolate.

Aldi carries Jaffas here (house brand). I dont dare buy them, though.

Never had a Jaffa cake (not even sure what they are), but why…? I love, love certain foods, but I just can’t even imagine ever doing that.

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No one else grew up seeing who could shove the most marshmallows into their mouth and still say “chubby bunny” …

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