Just Restaurant, Old Bridge

This past weekend we finally made it to a place that has been on my “Go dine” list for a while: Just Restaurant in Old Bridge NJ. We almost drove right by it, because it’s tucked away behind a gas station! But despite it’s odd location, this place is a gem.

We started with a few appetizers to share. We were all delighted by the Cauliflower pizza with tandoori shrimp and tikka masala with eggplant and mozzarella cheese. The pierogi were authentic (which might have something to do with the Russian grocery store next door) and the torched avocado salad was a thing of beauty.

Two of us had the short ribs. Now I’m a short rib lover. I make them, and whenever they’re on a menu I’m likely to order them. But this Black Garlic short rib dish was by far and away THE BEST SHORT RIBS I HAVE EVER HAD.

My husband had the Grand Marnier shrimp (yes the kind they have in Chinese restaurants) and proclaimed them delicious. The tandoori chicken with crispy rice balls was also proclaimed a winner.

And do try the oreo zeppoles…if you dare.



I have heard this place is good and it is quite close to us. They have a bar right? How were the drinks? The menu sounds all over the place though. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Polish?

They do have a bar. I had “Lost in Pines” the first mixed drink on their menu and it was delicious. And yes, the menu is definitely fusion, but each dish we had was done perfectly. The owners are Russian and the person we spoke to said they wanted to create an elegant dinner club-like atmosphere with dishes they love. Whoever the chef is, he not only creates a delicious variety of dishes, but the plating was elegantly done as well.


We were there once, years ago, possibly with @bgut1

I remember enjoying our food but thinking they were expensive. How are the prices now?


Sampler. Their happy hour bar is fun. One night we ordered all the happy hour specials and shared over drinks. Have yet to go back. We enjoyed everything.

Good to hear you enjoyed this place. That menu is quite interesting and diverse. Did they have any specials by chance?

I think we need a short rib thread :smile:

There weren’t any that I recall, but I was already fixated on the short ribs. Next time I want to try the pork belly appetizer. And yes, we definitely need a short rib thread.

I’d say in the high mid-range. I felt it was worth the price. Appetizers in the $teens and entrees from $23 to $37.

OK you start the new thread up lol. I think I’ve reached my quota :smile:

Going back in a few weeks. I’ll post a new post then.

So it looks like a couple of years have gone by since this place has been discussed.
I was here about a year before pandemic hit and was thinking about visiting this place soon.
Obviously my last experience was a positive one & I enjoyed my drinks, meals & service.
I even visited the small deli next door the following day for some Eastern European treats.
Any updates?
Haven’t looked at their website yet, guess that’s next.
However you guys are so informative I thought I would ask.

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Despite the fact that it’s about 10 minutes from our house, we’ve never been there. But you got me curious, so I looked at the website. They’re serving dinner every night except Tuesday. Full menu. When I checked reservations on Open Table, I discovered that they offer outdoor dining. Had I thought of Just and known about being able to dine outdoors, we surely would have tried it. Alas, too late now. If you decide to go, please report back.

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I looked at the website like what I saw.
I believe I will make reservations in the next week or 2 & report back.

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