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Along the lines of No Reservations required with Anthony Bourdain or Bizzare Food with Andrew Zimmerman, comes the latest travel and exotic food show. (more geared towards the travels and adventure with a sub-plot of the exotic foods) Is “Better Late Than Never”.

Not calling upon anyone from the culinary world the stars of this serious are more pop culture icons than serious foodies, and their adventures are rather hysterical. William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, Henry Winkler and George Foreman along with a young companion comedian Jeff Dye round out the reality based cast.

It’s a new series and I caught last nights episode, the 2nd of this season their food adventures included fish soup, complete with fish heads and eyeballs and bull penis. Watching this ensemble cast deal with the local “delicacies” during their trip to Koyoto and Hong Kong was quite enjoyable. Another segment involved watching their post dinner evening slowing deteriorate with copious amounts of sake they were being supplied.

If you grew up like I did with these men being your hero’s…(It’s the Fonz for Christ sake!!!) then you should certainly enjoy this series. I’m still town how much of this is genuine vs. scripted but regardless it seems these 4 genuinely enjoy each others company and it’s nice seeing them get some spot light again.

Keep in mind it’s a travel / adventure show first and food / culinary second. Fun throughout.

Saw the first episode and I’m not sure if I loved it or thought it was a waste of time. The ‘characters’ should be fun to watch. Categorizing it along with Bourdain and Zimmern though… maybe not.

I’ve seen both episodes and find it absolutely hysterical. Yeah it’s cheesy and, as you said, it’s hard to say how much is scripted. But damn if they don’t make me laugh. George will eat anything and declare it delicious. I think Terry is purely a meat and potatoes (and grits) guy.

Go On Demand and watch the first episode.

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I know it’s not truly a food show, food and drink was certainly a theme on it. I just enjoyed seeing these guys in a very candid light.

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Thanks for the info JR . Would have never known . Half way through the show watching it on , on demand . I find it entertaining . Shatner looks real good . 85 yrs old .


I’ll have to find it On Demand. I read an interview with Winkler and he said the 4/5 of them definitely got along great.

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