Just had a piece of cake served at an office celebration...

… and the frosting was so sweet it was literally painful to eat! Do people really like it that way, or are they sadistic?

Home-made? Or, bakery bought?

Store bought, with icing an inch thick. There were two large sheet cakes, and they’re both gone now, so some people liked it. But several people mentioned how sickenly sweet it was.

I prefer a lighter whipped style icing.

Answered your own question.


Funny that Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker & Pillsbury are still marketing cake frostings popular in the 1950s–with great sales returns; but cakeries, sweet shops and supermarkets have jumped on this super-sweet icing to get their cakes out there…

That make it that way because yeah, a lot of people actually enjoy that.
But for me- ick. No.
I’m high maintenance about my cake since it’s a rare treat and if i’m going to eat some i want it to be a proper cake i enjoy! either homemade or from a good bakery but none of that colored sugar and shortening so called icing on crummy cakes from big supermarkets and such

This is an interesting question for me to see today. Tomorrow I’m making a lemon icing for a big party cake. I’m using The Cake Bible’s neoclassic buttercream recipe, which I’ve always found to be really well balanced between sweetness and richness. To get the lemon flavor I’m mixing it with lemon curd and a bit of lemon extract. And I was thinking I might make the curd a bit sweeter than what I am using as a filling between the layers, in order to not make the icing too tart. Now you’ve got me reconsidering that! It will be 8 cups of buttercream to 1 cup of lemon curd.

Even if I liked cake, I wouldn’t eat birthday cake. The blowing of the candles icks me out too much.


There is no way your icing would ever come close to the “too sweet” problems of poor quality store bought cakes! With all of the lemon you probably do need that balance of the sweetness in the frosting
I was just poking around and a “just like costco frosting” recipe used 1/2c butter, 1/2c shortening and then 6-8 cups of sugar (!!) there’s just no way yours would ever be that overwhelmingly sweet.

And to get that intensely sweet, greasy-film leaving, slightly chemical grocery store stuff, they open a 5 gallon bucket.


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I don’t follow. Could we have Tinker to Evers to Chance here?

The forceful exhalation of the celebrant’s used air all over the cake, I’d guess.

Droplets expelled by the lungs. I have studied way too much public health history to ever be comfortable with that, lol.

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Ignorance is bliss.


Unless the birthday boy or girl is tubercular or something I don’t see this as a threat. But whatever you’re comfortable with of course.

Well, there is the common cold, of course. But, ya. I do tend toward squeamishness in general. I’ve left restaurants because the server had a cold, and I won’t send food back unless there is an open kitchen.

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[quote=“Bookwich, post:8, topic:9231, full:true”]
Even if I liked cake, I wouldn’t eat birthday cake. The blowing of the candles icks me out too much.
[/quote]I accidentally clicked on this thread. It was worth it to come across a Bookwich-ism. As soon as I saw your avatar I smiled, because I knew you were going to say (write) something that had nothing to do with liking or actually eating cake and frosting :relaxed:.

Since I’m here I’ll give M2C. I adore frosting. But even I wipe off a layer of the mile-high pile of sugary-ness they now call frosting. Yuck.

Oh, @TheCookie, you know me so well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t have much of a sweet tooth in general, but I really like that sickeningly sweet frosting. One time at work someone brought one in with a really intense neon blue frosting, and the next day somebody reported (and we had all experienced) that he was pooping Smurfs after eating the cake

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