Just found great pizza, Palm Coast, FL

@vinouspleasure . A brand new place opened this weeks called Fire in the Hole. I found it because someone complained that they brought a pizza home from there and it was so small. The picture made my mouth water. It looked like the pizza in Italy! Small, charred crust, fresh mozzarella. The place has only been open for a week. I couldn’t wait to try it, and when we walked in the first thing we saw was the imported pizza oven!!! And the prosciutto slicer. The pizza was great, chewy, charred crust with perfect sauce and fresh mozzarella. I added fontina and fresh garlic. Added bonus - they have a full bar! It’s very rare in Palm Coast. Most places, except chains. Only serve beer and wine. The owner also sources the best ingredients, like calabrese salami, unheard of down here. Anyway, I’m very happy.


Nice find! You lucked out

that sounds wonderful Gwenn! one of the saddest moments of our move was selling my pizza oven, never really thought I’d find neo pizza around us in florida, can’t wait to give it a try!

My observation after a lifetime of visiting family in florida is that restaurants offering high quality ingredients/preparations at fair prices don’t fare all too well with florida natives. The expectation is low prices, big portions and a forgiving eye towards quality. My suggestion is to get it while the getting is good!

Unfortunately we’ve had to delay our trip a week or two, someone outbid us for a nyc co-op after the buyer accepted our offer. sigh…

I’m sorry. I know how frustrating the real estate thing is! But when you do get here, maybe we can meet up at Fire in the Hole for a mini HOdown!

that sounds like fun!

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Good find on the pizza! I haven’t been tot eh Palm Coast in years, but have found some very good seafood in northern Palm Beach County. As a rule, though, the seafood is better the west coast in my experience.