Just Desserts (Sep 2016 - 2018)

What’s for dessert at your house today ?

For us it’s warm apple strudel:


That appears to be a folded puff pastry rather than a strudel, but still looks mighty good!

It’s too sticky and warm here to bake anything, but I have almond paste, and apricots and puff pastry in the freezer, awaiting a cool, dry day when I’m using the oven.

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Yep. Puff pastry but made in Germany with raisins, nutmeg and cimmanum.

Got em at Aldi and they was delishus.

It’s still too hot and humid here for baking. But a friend gifted me a “Cookies & Cups Cookbook” today, complete with a sample of “Salty Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies” (:frowning: not too hot for her to bake). They are tasty. And now I have a new list of recipes to try this fall–s’mores 3-ways anybody? (Cookies, cake, pie;?) I did s’more cupcakes last year; just further proof that any dessert can be made into a s’more.

And a pretzel frosting? Count me in!



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Kitchen cabinet delays in the remodeling - haven’t had my kitchen or oven all summer so I can only dream of the cakes I want to make when the kitchen is done!!! I made one effort in the dining room-hotplate corner - a crepe cake, which is doable without an oven, but was barely worth the effort it took:) Sloppy looking but edible.

Pear clafoutis


Lemon Blueberry Almond Teacakes!


Peach Melba needs to be resurrected. I saw a rerun of one of Jacques Pepin’s older series this week. He blitzed IQF raspberries and raspberry jam, then strained out the seeds. Scoop of vanilla ice cream, canned peach half, raspberry sauce, sprinkled with sliced almonds, a cookie on the side. Of course, being who he is, he provided a good tip: if you press the berry puree against the sides of the strainer right away, seeds will plug it up. So first, he raps a knife onto the rim until most of the puree has gone through, THEN presses the remainder with a rubber spatula.

Peach melba can be simply an assembly of storebought components (I don’t object to seeds in my berries), or made more elaborate with homemade shortbread, shortcake, or pound cake. Spike the puree with Framboise for adult diners, poach fresh peaches in amaretto, or roast them, etc.


Tart crust slightly overdone but not horrible. Blind baked it the Bravetart method - foil and sugar as the weights. Like the method but need to pay better attention… and the pastry cream got quite thin overnight, prob weeping fruit. Still delicious just a bit messy to serve.


Looks great! I never thought about the reaction between the fruit and pastry cream. I have that issue sometimes where the cream gets runny.

I would gladly take a slice of that tart! Gorgeous! (And i suspect you’re right, sliced fruit gives off a lot of liquid)

There was a Best Brownie Taste Off making rounds on Instagram. King Arthur Flour won.

I’m doing my own Brownie Taste off, here’s the first three contestant:
Left - Vegan Brownies from Whole Foods - very chocolately, like eating cocoa-powder cake. Meh. Don’t like the texture.

Middle - Katherine Hepburn brownies, my go-to brownie for years. Still think it’s the best brownie ever.

Right - Bravetart Glossy Fudge - these are super-chocolatey, like flourless chocolate cake (remember those from the nineties?). It’s very dark. My first time making them, I don’t think I made them correctly, hers has a more crackly top. High quality brownie, but I prefer Kate’s. I’m just an old-fashion girl.

I’m having people over at my house tonight, I’ll report back with their thoughts.


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