Junzi, New Haven CT

New and very tiny place near the Apple store. They make bing (asian wrap) or noodle bowls. Same concept as Tikkaway, build your wrap or noodle bowl choosing from many veg, meat, and sauces. We happened to go on the first day and we all loved the bing! I made one with my choices of fillings and the other I asked the girl behind the counter to put in what she thought was good - her choices were much tastier than mine! The prices are reasonable and I ate 2, which was more than enough. We do intend to return!

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Interesting…what fillings and sauce did you choose? Would 2 make a solid lunch?

3 of us found 2 bing more than enough for lunch . I think the one she made for me had the chili garlic sauce and I chose the tofu, the others had the beef. Can’t remember everything I added - there were lots of choices. I think they would stand up to driving them home (15 min) which is what we’ll try next.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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