Junior's Produce Houston, Formerly Canino's

The ease of parking on a Saturday afternoon in late May should have tipped me off that something wasn’t right.

I went for some fresh okra along with corn, tomatoes, onions and peppers for my solar system wide famous okra, corn and tomatoes. The only thing remotely fresh was the okra although Caninos always had fresher, the rest was sourced at MY HEB.

The lack of foot traffic up front and with the vendors outback speaks volumes despite the claim of the freshest produce on the website.

I hope they get their act together or they surely will fail.


Edit, the dish I made was delicious.

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Well I hate hearing that buy I’m not too surprised.

Well, it’s started.

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Call me a glass 3/4 empty guy, but I don’t see success. It’s at the northern fringe of the Heights and I doubt the hipster families shown in the drawing know or care where this place is.

They seem to be leaving out the Hispanics, the backbone of Canino’s who were totally absent during my last visit as were pretty much everyone else.

Are those chickens roaming in the drawing? Anybody step in chicken poop? You won’t forget it.

Glass 1/4 full guy says good luck.

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