June 2022 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

You could certainly quote a few sentences, and paraphrase any amount of it.

It’s perfect the way he wrote it, paraphrasing wouldn’t do it justice. His beloved grandmother dearly wanted him to marry a Korean girl, not gonna happen. I hope you all have a chance to read this part of the book, very charming!

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I agree that it is a beautiful story, and very well-written (as the book is in general). I looked to see if the passage you are referencing is available online, and while the beginning of the chapter is, the specific part you are referring to is not. So I’d take that to mean the publisher is not on board with it being shared. We try to respect author copyright here. A list of ingredients and measurements is not protected under copyright, and recipe instructions are only to the extent that they can be considered creative writing (which is why we ask people to paraphrase in their recipe descriptions). The story you are talking about, though, is exactly the part of the book that is without a doubt considered creative writing. I agree with you 100% that it is a lovely story and excellent writing. People should get the book or check it out of their public library and read it. It should come as no surprise that the author has a literature degree from NYU. He’s a reader, and he can write.


EDWARD LEE MONTH is a complete sentence

MESA MEXICANA is a complete sentence.

FLOUR TOO is a complete sentence.

MESA MEXICANA is my vote.

This is also a complete sentence: THE IMMIGRANT COOKBOOK and BOTTOM OF THE POT.

FOREVER SUMMER by Nigella Lawson
This was COTM in July 2007 and I would like to nominate this repeat.

ooh that reminds me of ENDLESS SUMMER by Katie Lee

I am really cracking up over the “this is a complete sentence” (I get why, but it’s just funny)


BOTTOM OF THE POT is my nomination.

I know, it’s like me with my students: “Please respond in a complete sentence, with a subject, verb, and proper punctuation.” :rofl:

A bit less than 48 hours remaining to get those nominations in!

OK, I know this is really late, but I’m putting it here mostly so I’ll remember to renominate it next month:

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF GREEK COOKING by The Recipe Club of Saint Paul’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral


Oooh, I’m interested in doing this at some point. I love when an older cookbook is COTM.

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Originally published in 1990. I bought my copy (says Amazon) in 2008. I bought specifically because it was the only Greek book I could find with a recipe for grape leaves stuffed with a beef filling, which I had had at a local restaurant and wanted to duplicate at home. It took me until last night to make the recipe, and I had to veganize it (easy with Impossible). But damn, they were good! There is another recipe for stuffed vegetables (peppers, tomatoes) I’ve made, which was also good, but that’s about it. I’m actually making another one tonight. I just feel like it’s a book worth diving into.

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Nominations are now closed. After I create the voting thread, I will link to it here.

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Please find the voting thread here:

Just read Rick Rodgers’ latest email where he mentions some of the celebrities he has assisted in writing cookbooks. He mentions a favorite is Frankie Avalon’s book because it has good recipes. Has anyone here cooked any recipes from this book?

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