Jumbo lobster restaurant

This was a short planned visit
uploading pics review to follow


With the dearth of even half decent dim sum spots in downtown I jumped at the opportunity to venture out to this place (though the trek there made me rethink my no car approach) anyways after getting picked up by friends the drive here was quick and even saw the glimpse of my fav J Town.
We were a group of three but we decided on 4 person menu.
Here is a play by play
Choice of 3 dim sum items
Lobster congee
Lobster with noodles
I enjoyed all the dim sum items as don’t get to enjoy fresh version much anymore.
Not a connoisseur of congee though still thought this was pretty good. Friends commented it was decent as well.
The lobster with noodles are done well here as well.
Service was prompt
Cash or debit only though and apparently it can get quite busy.
The place is open and bright which is much appreciated on a somewhat sunny day.
I would revisit if given an option.
P.S. we got a 2.5 lbs lobster set


Wow!! Bravo!! You managed to head up to my hood for yummy Canto-food!!
This place is one of my favorites too. Their comparatively small Dim Sum menu featuring dainty, hand crafted products are commendable.
Man! Since you were already up north, you should have travelled a little bit more and headed over to DUO on Hwy#7 and Leslie for some top notch French pastries and cakes! For sure you will give them a huge thumbs-up! Next time., maybe?!