July 2023 Cookbook of the Month: RecipeTin Eats Book & Blog

Taco Soup (from the blog)

I had exactly 20 minutes free of calls and needed to make something I could eat for dinner and then for several lunches. By skipping any chopping or measuring I got this delicious soup made in the time I had. I used granulated onion and garlic (no chopping) and eyeballed amounts (no measuring) and pink beans instead of black because that is what I found first, but otherwise followed the recipe closely. I got it made (without corn) up until the simmer part in my 20 minutes then threw it in the “auxiliary fridge” (screen porch at 37F) until after my late call. Twenty minutes’ simmer with frozen corn added with 5 minutes to go and I had a lovely dinner. This recipe has an insane deliciousness to effort ratio! Highly recommend!!

Even sad dried out cilantro and cheese toppings worked. Luckily I had fresh Tostitos.


BUTTER CHICKEN (e-book, but I think page 48)

This is my first recipetin eats recipe, but it won’t be my last. This was dead easy, and absolutely delicious. I cut the chicken and marinated it on Tuesday, and that was easy - simple spices, garlic, yogurt, ginger (no salt, which made me nervous but it was fine adding it when cooking), and then it took maybe 30 minutes to heat up with some tomato sauce and cream on Wednesday. Served with basmati and a cucumber/yogurt salad for a raved about meal.


I just had the last serving of taco soup that I froze from the batch I made in March. This time I garnished with diced radish and sour cream. So good! Meanwhile my sister has made it twice - she agrees, crazy deliciousness to effort ratio.



I tossed the chicken in the marinade (boneless skinless thighs instead of bone-in/skin on as the recipe asks for) on Sunday afternoon, and cooked this on Monday. So easy. I subbed garam masala for the baharat, doubled the fennel, and used two yellow peppers instead of cherry tomatoes. I put the fennel, peppers and chickpeas (which are tossed with ginger, turmeric, cumin, and salt) in for about 30 minutes first, then added the chicken for a final 25-30 minutes. This was a really nice meal served over couscous, and extremely easy. This is my third recipe from this book (thanks to MiR for letting us know when the ebook went on sale) and my third big hit (the others were the butter chicken and spicy sichuan noodles). Excited to see she has another coming out in the fall.


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Glad you’re still adding here @LulusMom1

I need to go back & explore the blog more. She has a lot of dishes that I already enjoy, so I’d like to try some things that I don’t make because I think her flavor profiles and style resonate.

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There are recipes that I really didn’t think I needed (butter chicken and this Moroccan one) but I am so glad I tried them because they have been easy AND really good. I’m definitely sold after 3 great meals in a row.


Between her blog, Smitten Kitchen, Woks of Life, Alexandra’s Kitchen, you have a million choices for dinners.


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