Juliet, Union Square, Somerville

Two of us throughly enjoyed the Cuina Catalana prix fixe last week. I can’t eat much at one sitting and via email inquiry they graciously allowed a reservation for one of us with for the full prix fixe with supplements and one of us to order a la carte. We really appreciated the flexibility because there is no way we could have come near to finishing the full prix fixe menu x 2.

I’m so glad we did it. The stuffed squid was especially exquisite…with black rice and squid ink, it took me back to my long ago time of living in Spain. We loved the cold soup trio…they were beautiful in the bowl and even better in our mouths. I love cold soups, my companion does not. We ended up fighting for the last drops of the three; perfect balances of taste, acidity, lovely garnishes. I would eat that every day if I could. The crema catalana was also wonderful…not too sweet, as it often is in Spain. The whole roast fish was perfectly cooked, flavorful in a way that was a nice break from the highly seasoned other courses. We also got an asparagus salad from the a la carte menu that I would also eat every day if I could. The rosé we thoroughly enjoyed was our favorite, which we get from the Wine and Cheese cask up the street.

You do have to ask. The rosé was not on the printed wine list we were handed. I’m so glad we asked…

Juliet is amazing in so many ways. There is heart and soul in every dish, with so much attention to detail that is expensive in execution and planning time as well as in the cost of superb ingredients. And the no tipping/fair labor practices make it even more appealing to us. Parking can be difficult in Union Square with all the construction going on (it seems endless). Go anyway, it’s worth it.

I’m hoping we can go back before the Catalan “season” ends June 29.


What an enticing review, thank you!