Julian, CA best eats and sites??

Heading to Julian for the day. What are the best places to eat and what’s worth visiting in the area? TIA

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Julian Pie Company

Miner’s Diner

Apple Alley Bakery

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mount palomar? Julian is a cute town. We stopped there for an hour en route to borrego springs and the greenness and coolness is striking especially when you cross the mountain into the desert. We looked at the pie company but I’m not sure we found any compelling treats, hope you are successful!

I am not sure people really go to Julian just to eat (except for maybe the apple pies and other apple desserts).

I think the OP is going to be at Julian, and was wondering what there was to eat while visiting Julian (for presumably other reasons).

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Actually we DID go to Julian just to go to Julian. Just a quick (if you can call two hours quick) drive to a place we’d been before but not for maybe 10 years.

Had lunch at Miner’s Diner. (Thanks @ipsedixit) Nothing to write home about except for the decor, which is fun.

Walked around a while. The whole visitor area of the town is maybe 4 short blocks total. A surprising number of shops were closed for the time of year and right before 4th of July weekend.

Went to blue Door Winery tasting room and wound up having a pretty good sangria instead of wine.

Maybe the best part of our short outing was realizing how many wineries are in the Ramona Valley. That will likely be an excursion soon……. though the road through there is so windy that it may require a designated driver.