Jose Tejas - French Quarter Chicken

I was a long time fan of Joes Tejas (both the Woodbridge and Fairfield locations). My favorite dish, which I had hundreds and hundreds of times over the past 20 years was the French Quarter Chicken. In my view, it was the single best dish in NJ.

To my dismay, they changed the menu at some point in the past 6-9 months, and eliminated many of the Cajun oriented items, including French Quarter Chicken. Now, from a menu perspective, Jose’s seems to be another run of the mill Tex-Mex place.

I reached out to the CEO of Border Cafe (they own Jose’s), but received no response.

Has anyone tried it since the downgraded the menu? I’ll never go back unless someone tells me that it is great.

I’ve learned the unfortunate lesson that the best way to get most companies’ attention is via social media. Even LinkedIn! Go forth.

You are a braver man than I. Being from the area I remember when it first opened up, however anytime I’ve tried to go in the last 10 years the wait was so long I just left. I wonder if they still loop “Marty Robinson Gun Fighter Ballads”. Sorry about your chicken, hate it when you lose your favorite item somewhere.

Wow! Do they still have the gumbo? I used to love that stuff

No. And no Crawfish Etouffee, no Crawfish Caesar Salad, no Eggplant Royale. All the good stuff gone. Of course their Fajitas were good, but I rarely got them as they had much better items on the menu

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I guess it didnt go anywhere because it’s still not back on the menu. Is there any other restaurants that have something simular to.the french quarter chickem they had? Seems like they had new partnership if I had to guess, or budget reasons. Makes no sense.

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No. It is a shame that such a great dish as French Quarter Chicken is not being enjoyed by anyone. Maybe I will take a look at Clementines some day.

it’s back on the menu now!


I do see that they have added back some cajun style items, but do not see the French Quarter Chicken. Upon second look in the online ordering app, I do see it. Thanks be praised, hoping it is still the same.

Please report after you try it.