Jonesing for Chef Vivian Howard?

She’s coming back with a new series that sounds interesting!

Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:

I’ve been hearing a new show was coming but this is the first in the way of specifics. Thank you for posting.

I’ve been getting “curated” feed about her new show, and thinking about sharing, but didn’t realize that was the name. Could there be another?

ETA I think I read about “South By Somewhere”

Vivian Howard’s Next PBS Show Will Premiere in 2020

Ooooooh! Garden and Gun is the MAGAZINE! I was thinking that was the name of the show!

I hope the new show is more food and less Viv.
The original show started out about the restaurant but ended up being the Viv show.
Wonder how much hubby will appear, if at all?