Jones BBQ, Kansas City

I’m in New England, and don’t know if this is KC, KS or MO. One of the episodes of the new season of Queer Eye, on Netflix, features the middle-aged, African-American Jones sisters, Mary and Deb. In addition to personal makeovers, the team helped the sisters, who make everything else in their little eatery from scratch, secure off-site bottling for their spicy sweet sauce. It is their
secret family recipe, and as well as selling the bottles to their guests, they hope to get them into grocery stores. According to local reviews, their place is a hidden gem.

It’s in Kansas City, Kansas. I’ve not been and had never heard of Jones Sisters until the Queer Eye show, but local media says
it’s more than an hour wait now. I hope they don’t collapse from the weight of the publicity. Photos ganked from Yelp.

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From a friend’s visit last year.

The Queer Eye segment was very sweet. I wish the sisters all the best.

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The building was upgraded by the QE team, inside and out. Outside, they painted it white and added picnic tables with umbrellas.

Very Un-KCK like.

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― Jonathan Gold

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