Jonathan Kauffman in the SF Chronicle: Is Instagram making our dim sum better?


Dennis Leung, a former pastry chef and the general manager at Dragon Beaux, freely acknowledges the importance of Instagram. He’s seen the restaurant group’s social-media impressions rise 500 percent in the past few years. “Some people say it’s a gimmick, and we should focus on the food, but advertising has always been there,” he says. “With these colorful items, it’s one way to help us boost that advertisement.”

Dragon Beaux’s green matcha pineapple buns and black-and-gold steamed custard roll, Ng adds, may be new but reflect traditional Chinese culinary theory, which prizes appearance as well as aroma and taste. “We make them colorful to stimulate the eyes,” he says, but always with red rice paste, turmeric or spinach, not food coloring.

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Well just a shout out regrading the whole color thing. But I’m kinda intrigued to see what they have

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