Jojoli Bakeshop in Union City

Down in Union City today, we swung by Jojoli Bakeshop to try their malasadas and see what other treats they had.

We arrived around noon, by which point a couple flavors of malasadas were sold-out, but we managed to try both the ube and coffee flavors.

These were the best malasadas I’ve had in the Bay Area. They weren’t greasy, they had a slight chew to them despite being nice and airy, and the ube and coffee creams inside were delightfully not-too-sweet. Really really good.

We also tried some ensaymadas (a bit soggy, but very good), and some of the purple biko (good).

We didn’t try any of the savory items.

The staff were super friendly, and I guess the restaurant was recently remodeled. Definitely worth checking out. We had been hoping to also try Doughweime which is just across the parking lot to do a little malasada-crawl, but alas they were closed today.

I hadn’t been aware of all of the Filipino food in this section of Union City (there are several other places), but will hopefully explore more in the future.