John Tovey - R.I.P.

Most probably the man who put the northwest on the foody map. I had the pleasure of eating at Miller Howe once - although sadly it was shortly after he’d sold the holtel. Much respect.

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“In my own experience the excessive homage to the vegetable kingdom was the comic interlude in the drama of dinner, something like the function of the porter in Macbeth. “

Great line.

Clicked into the thread to find out who he was, wound up reading the whole obit. Nicely written tribute.

True. But I’m not getting a mental picture here. Harters, could you give us some examples of the “tortuous preparation” of the vegetables?

I can’t I’m afraid. It must be getting for 30 years ago when he had TV series and my memory just doesnt go back that far in any detail. Your question, however, has prompted me to track down a secondhand copy of his book “A feast of vegetables - seasonal British cooking”.

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Tovey was fond of Pernod added to vegetables based on what I have read.

Including this recipe with carrots.

I’m sure Pernod has its place in food somewhere - but not with mashed carrots.


Sorry - forget the recipe link:


Book has just arrived. Should be an interesting read. Chapters are by individual vegetable - although goodness knows what “fried lettuce with nuts and pineapple” is going to accompany.

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I can imagine a lettuce, nuts & pineapple salad. But fried?!

The recipe stirfries finely sliced lettuce for 3 - 4 minutes, mixes in the diced pineapple and chopped nuts and is immediately served.

Tovey’s note adds “The dish looks revolting when cold and doesnt taste too good either”.

I think I may just pass on this one. Although I do like wedges of, say, Little Gem lettuce char-grilled on a ridged pan

Wise decision. :joy: