John Mariani food author / blogger

Helping my daughter with a work related project, how many of you are aware of this person -AND- would you pay $375. per person for an opportunity to listen to him speak? (Includes open bar and 3 course meal in a brewery)

I’ve heard of him and either does or did write for Esquire.
$375 sounds all right which if they have some good vodka you’ll more than break even.

Never heard of him but I also won’t pay $375 to see ANYONE.


I’m not familiar with him, but I just subscribed to his newsletter. Looks like an interesting person. But there are very few people in the world I would pay to see!


Unless maybe $350 of food and drink was involved that I’d otherwise be willing to pay that much for, I would only consider paying that kind of money for a professional seminar of some sort that would give me solid information I couldn’t easily get elsewhere or in a different “format”, or to fulfill some sort of mandatory “continuing professional ed” requirement.

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That’s more than I would pay for that sort of thing, but it would probably be pretty interesting.

I’ve heard of Mariani and knew of his Italian-American cookbook which I had considered buying from time to time over the years. I decided to order the book yesterday, so I should have it soon.

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