John Birdsall: Worst Famous SF dish- Chowder Bread Bowl

I don’t disagree with Birdsall’s POV. Any other contenders?

As an aside, I was surprised to learn that Chez Panisse originally sourced its baguettes from Venetian Bakery in San Francisco and that these were a major inspiration for Steve Sullivan. It was at Powell and Francisco (there’s a Post Office there now) and had a retail service counter that was open all night. Many was the night in the 1960s when I headed there after closing the bars in North Beach for a hot-out-of-the-oven baguette or round. I’ve always believed that Venetian Bakery’s sourdough saved me from many a hangover.

I’ll offer that today’s mass-produced “It’s-It” ice cream sandwiches are a weak echo of their originals. I was fortunate to have had a few years to experience Playland-at-the-Beach where it was made and sold by the Whitney brothers, puttng freshlly-scooped vanilla ice cream between two freshly baked oatmeal cookies and dipping it in chocolate. Both the crunchiness of the cookies and the firmness of the ice cream have been lost.

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Great bread. The sandwiches at Freddie’s a block up on Chestnut and Stockton has set the bar too high for many a San Franciscan for any other type of “sourdough”. Getting a 25cent “deconstructed” salami sandwich from Freddy himself, with baked bread fresh out of the oven a block away. It really don’t get better than that.

Those were the real deal for those ice cream cookie sandwiches .Was lucky enough to order from that original location .

Bread bowls are one of those menu items, wherever you are, that sounds so appetizing and is always regretted once the soup’s gone. Soggy bread covered in congealed cold soup, yum :stuck_out_tongue:

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the whole thing is horsefeathers.

I have had various dishes (essentially soups or stews - with billions and billions of different names) served on four different continents, served in a “bread bowl”

newsflash: it ain’t about the bread.

including crab soup wharf side in SF. p.s. - dungeness crab…needs more blue claw…

it’s about what is in the bread bowl. who do you know ordered soup-in-a-bread-bowl and proceeded to eat the bowl?

why is this bloke not complaining about the woody taste of the cedar plank his salmon was served on?

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