Jody Adams Leaving Rialto - Cambridge, MA

Jody Adams is leaving Rialto in June for “more time for family, non-profit work and for exciting new restaurant projects.”

Times they are a’changin. Fond memories of Jody since her days at Michela’s. They (Michela’s) once donated a basket of ingredients and one of Jody’s recipes (a polenta dish) for a fundraising auction at ART. I snagged it, and a couple of days later I get a phone call from Jody with a slight improvement on the recipe. Another fond memory was being taken to Rialto by writer for a Montreal-based food magazine, and having every desert on the menu delivered to our little two-top. I’ve always been impressed that she maintained her focus (Rialto and only recently Trade) when her predecessor at Michela’s (Todd You-know-who) was going overboard. Wishing her the best of luck in whatever lies ahead.

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wow. i haven’t been there in many years, but that place used to be one of my favorites.


Ours too. Here’s the announcement. She has a few irons in the fire.

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she actually had red clay in chestnut hill which was in a cursed space and failed and she was initially the chef at blu/sports club l.a. atop the new ritz. noir was also her menu and food.

that being said, i have lots of friends who worked for her and they love her to this day, unlike so many other celebrity chefs who can be nightmare bosses. her kitchen was a springboard for many of our current crop of talent too, including joanne chang, dante demagistris and tom fosnot.

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I stand corrected, I completely forgot about Red Clay, although I believe Michela Larson also partnered in that adventure. Though its arc was short, we miss the roasted cod, potato, and tomato dish done in a clay bowl, sort of an individual uncovered tagine.