Job at Penzey's

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The store in Arlington has a part-time retail job availability.


I really like Penzey’s as a company in general, but the job sounds more fun than it really is. I worked at one location part-time for around eight months, four years ago while going back to grad school, and I really disliked it. Except I did have bulk at home of every item they sold, bought with the ok, but not great, employee discount.


What was it that you disliked?


Disliked customers. I am a people person and like helping and educating. I’ve worked in many hospitality and service jobs when younger. I never had more people argue, and profess ridiculous opinions and incorrect information before. (I studied at culinary school, and have been a chef.) Also pay was minimum wage for all positions. Also, almost daily, customers broke open spice/herb containers, spilling, and filling the air with micro-dust that floated around for hours. Itching burning eyes all the time.


Thanks for explaining!


Ah, the public. Most are pretty good down here in Texas but the ones that get me are the ones that say you did this, or you did that, and I have to remind them that I’ve never spoken to or laid eyes on them.

The other is your company needs to do xyz like I set policy for a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Some are just jerks.

If anybody curses at me the conversation is terminated.

I do try and help every customer to the best of my abilities and if I don’t know the answer I’ll find somebody that does.


Doesn’t sound fun - sorry to hear that.