JiTB Tacos



The iconic taco makes the WSJ.



I’ve actually never been to a JITB. I’d like to try it one day. We don’t have del taco here either


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I have to admit I like JITB tacos. Supposedly the corn tortillas are stuffed with meat, deep fried first, Then filled with lettuce and cheese. But the edges are pinched/sealed together so I don’t know how they do that without putting the lettuce and cheese in there to begin with.

Surprising to hear it’s the #1 item on the menu though. Who would have thought.

Regardless, they are a tasty treat.

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I meant to reply in general to the original post.

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You’re safe around here.



I grew up with deep fried tacos :taco: in KC. Ours also had peas in the mix.
The Jack tacos were 2/$1.00 forever but they’ve gone up a few cents recently…
Miss Belle is spot on; they deep fry and then throw the lettuce and cheese on. One of those things like a White Castle that just can’t be duplicated successfully.
And also, since most jacks are 24 hours, best enjoyed between 12:00 am and 6:00 am.


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I wish we had some around here and some del taco. Maybe they will make it to NJ soon. The good news is we have some great authentic Mexican tacos here, so I can’t complain. There is a heavy Mexican population here in nj. My friend is from Sonora and she says the food here is as good, or better, than her town. Some of our favorite places locally have no one that even speaks English. I let her order to save me the struggle with my limited Spanish :slight_smile:

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They are definitely NOT Mexican or authentic or anything, except maybe SoCal. That’s the beauty of them.

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